About SR Asia

Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia)

Social Responsibility AsiaSR Asia is a networking organization based in Asia, creating benchmarks and new standards in the field of SR. SR Asia intends to create and share SR solutions to facilitate relevant business and public policy agendas on sustainability and competitiveness. SR Asia is committed to a sustainable Asia through its scientific research activities, subject competencies, policy level interventions with government and engagement of multiple stake holders.

DSC_0409Asia is witness to grave inequalities be it opportunities or access to resources. Major problems exist such as poverty, corruption, gender inequality, unemployment, child labor, forced labor, low literacy levels and poor access to education, low quality of health and high mortality, and so on. Many initiatives at global, national and local levels have been undertaken to solve these problems in Asia. Success in eradicating these problems remains elusive.

Under the circumstances, a concerted effort to create a synergy among relevant groups working in sustainability areas in Asia appears necessary. The synergy may be by way of sharing knowledge and resources, actual and potential, toward sustainable development goals. Such synergy may entail collaboration at different levels among the stakeholders in developing new ideas for sustainable development.

Such considerations took shape after the ISO 26000 workshop was conducted under the auspices of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in 2011. Some key individuals from the participating organizations initiated the Social Responsibility Asia Network or “SR Asia” with a vision to be a networking organization that contributes to the development of a sustainable Asia.

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SR Asia is a global voluntary collaboration of various Asian countries to promote and develop social responsibility, its principles and associated issues in Asia. SR Asia network is present in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. The activities of SR Asia is focused along two major dimensions: (1) innovation development and (2) knowledge management.

For more information or joining SR Asia, please visit www.sr-asia.org


To be a leading international organization in social responsibility, enabling businesses and governments to be socially responsible leading to sustainable socio-economic development.


  • To create a network and engage all stakeholders in Asia and globally for knowledge        pooling and creating and implementing sustainable policies and practices.
  • Advocate, promote and develop socially responsible products and services in Asia and globally.
  • Promote and support social research and tools, institutionalization and use of technology for   minimizing the impact of globally accepted threats and perceptions on sustainable development in Asia and other regions where possible.