Accepted Papers for Presentation

After the completion of a blind review process, we have accepted papers that will be presented in conference.

  1. PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore
    • “Mangrove Education Park Program in Labuhan Village, Sepulu Sub-District, Bangkalan: Integration of Enviromental and Socio-Economic Aspects”
  2. Social Responsibility Asia Bangladesh
    • “Promoting Ecotourism in Bangladesh: Challenges Ahead”
  3. Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak Kemang
    • “The Challenge of Green Hospital: Waste Elimination With Lean”
  4. PT. Bank Negara Indonesia
    • “Kampoeng BNI (BNI Village) as a Model for Financial Inclusion”
  5. PT. Pertamina EP
    • “PT. Pertamina EP Integrating Values Through Community Program”
  6. PT. Adaro Indonesia
    • “The Power of Community Led Total Sanitation Program: A Collaborative Sustainable Movement for Healthier Communities”
    • “Adaro Community Based Education: A Breakthrough Action for Better Generation”
    • “The Bekantan Twin Project”
    • “Adaro WTP T-300: Supporting Sustainable Post-Mine Community through Clean Water Provision”
  7. PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa
    • “Integrated Empowerment System, A Proper Way in Empowering Community (Study Case of Cooperative Rancage Kampung Kaleng)”
  8. PT. Unilever Indonesia
    • “Building Community Waste Bank System for Sustainable Living”
    • “Healthy-Smart Market”
    • “Developing Black Soybean Farmers Program for a Sustainable Raw Material”
    • “Enhanced Freshness Towards Youth Self-Esteem: An Introduction of Deodorants Appliance to Indonesian Teenage Students, Building Brand’s Reputation Among Future Consumers”
  9. PT. Semen Indonesia
    • “One Village One Product (OVOP) : Featured Community Empowerment Program for Community Around Tuban Plant”
  10. PT. Monsanto
    • “Sustainable Agriculture Landscape Partnership (SALP): (Best Practice of Integrative Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation Practice in Indonesia through Multi Sector Partnership)”