Call for Papers

SR Asia invites companies and other types of organizations to submit papers on sustainability and social responsibility.

Selected papers will be presented in The 4th SR Asia International Conference on November 25-27, 2015, in Jakarta, Indonesia and compiled in a book“Welcoming SDGs: What Is On, Where To Go”.

This is an opportunity for companies and other types of organizations to share their initiatives in sustainability and social responsibility, such as eco-products, green productivity, environmentally-sound business models and community programs among the Asian stakeholders and the sustainable community policy makers and practitioners.

Call for Papers Scheme

The paper should cover one of the following issue areas/topics:

  1. Sustainability initiatives on products, services, business processes and value chain.
  2. Governance, volunteering and certification.
  3. Community programs

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Paper registration is open from June 15 up to October 16, 2015. The submitted papers must follow the requirements and paper outline. The papers will be reviewed by a number of experts and academe from Asian countries and the result will be announced on the web and social media on November 6, 2015

About 60 papers will be selected and compiled in a book “Welcoming SDGs: What Is On, Where To Go”. Within two weeks after the announcement, participant fees should be paid, and only the first 40 out of 60 selected papers that have settled the payments can be presented in the Breakout Sessions in the Conference where the Hosts, Discussants or other participants may provide recommendations  for the presenters.

If necessary, the Committee will ask revisions on selected papers before compiling the papers in a book.


  1. Paper Registration
    • For participants from other countries US$150 / paper
    • For participants from Indonesia Rp1,950,000 / paper
  2. Presenter Fee (selected papers, include TWO ENTRY TICKETS for 2 days)
    • For Participants from other countries US$350 / paper
    • For Participants from Indonesia Rp4,550,000 / paper

There is no refund for inability to pay participant fee or submit paper revision within the given period of time.

Participants should read and follow the terms and conditions for Call for Papers as presented in detail in this site.

For information and registration, please contact here.