Requirements & Writing Guidelines

  1. A company or an organization can only submit maximum 4 (four) papers in different issues (need to identify the issues, one issue one paper).
  2. If necessary, a paper can be designated for another issue by the reviewers.
  3. The paper should be written based on real cases and never been presented or published in a journal, book, article or other type of publications.

The paper should be:

  • written according to standard English language conventions
  • extend from 2,000 up to 8,000 words
  • written as per the given Paper Outline
  • submitted in editable MS-Word format with no password; and
  • written using Times New Roman font, 12 points font size, one and half (1.5) lines spacing, and normal setting of margin

For details information about Call for Papers, please kindly download our brochure from the Download section.