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KBR 2014_JADIKBR is the largest private Radio News Station in Indonesia. KBR produces various highly-qualified journalism programs in the radio that has become the people’s choice and preferences. Right now, KBR serves more than 900 radio networks in Indonesia, Asia and Australia. To read KBR online news and listen its radio streaming, visit Source:

logo-website-kabar-csr-copy1-news presents as a media that focuses on social issues, especially corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Through, information is simplified and delivered faster to the people. This is particularly important when the mainstream media cannot cover all available information, specifically related to CSR Indonesia. Source: 

BUMN Insight and BUMN Insight Magazine are the product from PT Aspirasi Komunikasi Utama (AKU). Contain the latest information about State Owned Enterprises from competent and credible sources to complete BUMN Insight Magazine that published once in a month. This website also publish e-paper edition from BUMN Insight Magazine which can be downloaded in PDF format. Source:

PT DASA Strategic

DASA Strategic Communication is the communication consultant which give strategic services to create power and value for a company that faced for some change and to win a competition in a sustainability market. Source: