Strategic Partners

UNCRD2United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD) was established in 1971 based on an agreement between the Government of Japan and the United Nations. It promotes sustainable regional development in developing countries in the context of globalization, decentralization and the growing concern towards global environmental issues and impacts. Source:  

APOThe Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established on 11 May 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organization. The APO is nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondiscriminatory. Its mission is to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in Asia and Pacific through enhancing productivity. Source:

igcn_logo_bigIndonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) was launched on April 8, 2006 in Jakarta during the UNESCAP Conference. Twenty-two companies and organizations made a mutual commitment and signed the pledge to support, and implement the United Nations Global Compact Principles. Source:

ibcsd big-text copy PNGThe Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) is a CEO-led association of companies operating in Indonesia, who share a commitment to promoting sustainable development through sustainable economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. The launch of this business council in April 2011 represents a new regional chapter of the WBCSD. Source:

IPLA2.International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) was launched during the CSD-19 in New York in May 2011 to address the needs of Local Authorities (LA) in expanding waste management services to help LA’s move towards Zero Waste at international level. Source:


Ministry of Manpower of Republic Indonesia is a ministry of the Indonesian government which is responsible to manage and direct the labor affairs in the Country. Ministry of Manpower of Republic Indonesia is responsible directly to the President of Republic Indonesia.

Trisakti2Trisakti University is one of the largest universities in Indonesia. The University was established in the midst of Res Publica University (URECA) ruins , after demolished by people due to its affiliation with Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), on November 29, 1965, by the Higher Education and Science Ministry.  Source:

BPPN LogoPusat Produksi Bersih Nasional (National Center for Cleaner Production) is a center under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry that manages Indonesia SCP Resource Pool to address sustainable consumption and cleaner production initiatives in the industries. Source:


Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia is an institute of higher learning in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was founded by Atma Jaya Foundation on June 1, 1960. The main campus is located at Semanggi area, South Jakarta and the other campus is located in Pluit, North Jakarta. Source:


Paramadina University is an institution of higher education that aims to produce graduates who have the depth of faith, conscience sensitivity, sharpness reason, work skills, breadth of insight and self-reliance spirit. Source: