Q: What is SR Asia?

Social Responsibility AsiaSR Asia is a networking organizations based in Asia, that provides and shares SR solutions for shaping the modern day business and political agenda on sustainability and competitiveness. SR Asia is committed to drive Asian countries to create a sustainable Asia through its scientific research, subject competencies, policy interventions at government levels and engagement of multiple stakeholders.

SR Asia was initiated after the ISO 26000 Workshop carried out by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in 2011. A few individuals from various participating organizations formed the Social Responsibility Asia network or “SR Asia” with a vision to be a networking organization that contributes to development of a sustainable Asia.

SR Asia is a global voluntary collaboration in various Asian countries to promote social responsibility, its principles and issues in Asia. SR Asia is present in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. The activities of SR Asia focus on two major areas: (1) innovation development and (2) knowledge management.

Q: What is SR Asia Conference 2015?

SR Asia Conference 2015 is the 4th SR Asia International Conference that will be held on November 25-27, in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an annual international event of SR Asia to show continuous commitment in promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

SR Asia has organized its international conferences in India and Bangladesh. Indonesia becomes the host country of the SR Asia Conference 2015 and Malaysia is expected to become the host for the next SR Asia Conference in 2017.

SR Asia International Conference consists of activities on sustainability and social responsibility at international level. The Conference facilitates collaborations among the stakeholders and also become the marketplace for ideas, innovations, and resources for sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.

Q: What is “Call for Papers” in the 4th SR Asia International Conference?

Call for Papers is a mechanism where companies and other types of organizations can share and learn from their initiatives and success stories in sustainability and social responsibility. The submitted papers must be written based on the real cases and should NOT be used for greenwashing purposes.

The experts from SR Asia country partners will review the papers and select about 60 papers that are eligible to be included and compiled in a book “Welcoming SDGs: What Is On, Where To Go”. SR Asia in collaboration with Trisakti University will published the book in February, 2016.

Q: Who can join the 4th SR Asia International Conference?

SR Asia invites representatives from the leading organizations in sustainability and social responsibility, government, state-owned enterprises, private sector, academia, non-governmental, support service organizations, and media.

Q: How to join Call for Papers or the 4th SR Asia International Conference?

You can see the details in this site or contact the Committee to get more information and register for Call for Papers and/or the Conference.

Q: As an individual, why should I join the 4th SR Asia International Conference?

  1. To recognize the latest updates about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the common objective after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ends. To some extent, MDGs and SDGs influence the laws and regulations, the government policies and strategies, the business practices, and also the way people response to economic, social and environmental issues nowadays.
  2. To understand the latest trends and best practices in sustainability and social responsibility in particular issues and sectors, such as new and renewable energy, environmental conservation, SMEs and community development, sustainable consumption and cleaner production, green productivity, sustainable city, sustainable tourism, and sustainable agriculture and marine.
  3. To increase individual capacity through knowledge sharing, discussions, Call for Papers, and interactions with different stakeholders from Asian countries during the Conference.
  4. To establish and strengthen the network with other individuals and organizations from Asian countries.
  5. To seek and share ideas, thoughts, insights, and probably resources that can be utilized to address sustainability and social responsibility issues in the organization.

Q: As a company or an organization, why should I join the 4th SR Asia International Conference?

  1. A company or an organization can submit papers and present their papers (when the papers pass the review) in the Conference. This a way to share cases or success stories of a company or an organization and get FEEDBACK for development from the Hosts, Discussants and participants. We can say this is the low-cost approach to review your programs and initiatives rather than setting up your own discussion of external stakeholders.
  2. Become a sponsor partner, then a company or an organization can get more benefits in terms of promotion, branding, and creating unique value positioning in the field of sustainability and social responsibility. SR Asia partners come from Asian countries and joining as a sponsor partner will  elevate the exposure of your company or organization at international level.
  3. Send you directors or senior managers to attend the Conference, so they will be able to grab insights about sustainable business and sustainable innovations from various experts and participants. Then, they might try to start sustainability initiatives to increase productivity and generate benefits for your company or organization as well as for the other stakeholders.
  4. Assign your CEO to attend the C-Suite Session or CEO Breakfast Meeting in the Conference. Meet other CEOs and experts to share and discuss the insights about sustainable business and how to maintain competitiveness and profitability in sustainability era.