Welcome to Jakarta!

Our honorable Participants of The 4th SR Asia International Conference, please kindly read some important information that would help you to plan your visit to Jakarta.


Geography, Demography and Culture

Jakarta, or the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, is the largest city and national capital of the Republic of Indonesia, one of mega cities on earth, and currently the largest city in Southeast Asia. Jakarta is located on the coast of Java Island with an estimated population of 10.2 million in 2014. It has:

  1. Five city administrative areas
    • Central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat): 47.9 sq km
    • North Jakarta (Jakarta Utara): 142.2 sq km
    • West Jakarta (Jakarta Barat): 126.15 sq km
    • South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan): 145.73 sq km
    • East Jakarta (Jakarta Timur): 187.73 sq km
  2. One district administrative area of a group of islands located in Java Sea
    • Thousand Islands Administrative District: 11.81 sq km

Larger Jakarta metro area is well-know  as “Jabodetabek” (from the initials of Jakarta and its satellite cities of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi).

Jakarta population is dominated by Javanese, Betawi (Native Jakarta), and Sundanese. Others are Chinese, Batak (Native North Sumatra), Minangkabau (Native West Sumatra), and Malays. Islam is the most common religion in Jakarta with almost 86% of the population, followed by Protestantism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Confucianism.

Bahasa Indonesia is the primary language in Jakarta mixed with some Betawi, Javanese and Sundanese dialect. Professionals in Jakarta usually use English Language in the offices but  taxi drivers and waiters/waitresses hardly understand or speak English. Getting yourself a dictionary would be very helpful in communication during your stay in Jakarta.

Visit here to find out more about Jakarta.


Jakarta has two distinct seasons; wet (rainy) and dry season. The temperature is approximately from 23˚C (night) to 30˚C (day) along the year. Humidity ranges from 85% (rainy) to 75% (dry).

Usually the wet season takes up from October to May, and the dry season is from June to September. However, the season is recently unpredictable and we strongly suggest the Participants to anticipate both the heat and rainy days.   


When you are travelling in Jakarta, It is better to wear lightweight cotton clothing. You may please bring also raincoat or umbrella to anticipate raining in the wet season. However, the Conference is held in air-conditioned rooms and formal dress code is applied during the Conference. 

For female participants, please kindly avoid wearing short pants and tank top while walking around in Jakarta, especially at night. It is not forbidden but it is not common in Jakarta and you will have too much people attention on the street.